(if I must...)

I am a super salty graphic designer and communications strategist with the gift of gab and a made up name (thanks mom.) I have been a doodler since I could hold a pencil and determined to find the most effective and interesting way to layout typographical information since my first orange and turquoise AIM profile.


I earned my undergraduate degree in Marketing Communication at the College of Charleston where I became inspired by the charm and spice of this vibrant and historic city. Later, I received my MFA from Full Sail University where I streamlined my design process and became obsessed with the font, Rockwell. I've been doing freelance design ever since.


As an artist, I pride myself in my ability to create a personal relationship with each and every client. This allows me to pinpoint his or her needs with enthusiasm and skill and leave everyone I encounter with a smile. I am also an excellent cook, a TV junkie, and a lover of anything “South Western.”


Whether you are developing printed advertisements and marketing campaigns for your business, need help branding your organization or special event, or are overwhelmed with creating consistent details for your wedding, I'd love to sit down and brainstorm with you!


I also work full-time as a fundraiser for a local non-profit and am way too active in politics and in the community.  I currently serve on several local boards including Portsmouth Service League and the City of Chesapeake's Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board. Doing design work is a fun way for me to relax... let's not take this so seriously.

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